Accepted by universities, colleges and governments across the globe, the IESOL uses the Linguaskill test platform developed by Cambridge Assessment English and certified by City and Guilds

Results are typically available within just two business days of taking the test

Artificial intelligence means a computer, not humans, grades your results

Proudly the most unbiased English test thanks to world-class AI


A general English Language programme with a proficiency assessment.


Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, A1 to C2

Programme Structure
  • Free 40 hour programme develops skills that consists of 5 units/skill components: grammar & vocabulary, writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • Preparation programme for City and Guilds Accredited IESOL test
  • Each skill component will be assessed by a computer-based test
  • The level of difficulty in each test increases as the test progresses
  • Each test consists of a number of questions varying from A1 to C2 levels
  • Candidates will be issued an accredited certificate by City and Guilds
  • Suitable for academic entry, progression and employability

Practice assessments will be provided

Prove your English skills with IESOL

The City & Guilds accredited IESOL exam is trusted by universities, colleges and governments around the world. It is the most unbiased proof of a candidate’s English language skills.


The City & Guilds accredited IESOL Certificate is a recognized program of study that is assessed by a high-stakes test package. The tests are offered under invigilated exam conditions, managed by City & Guilds’ approved centers.


Only City & Guilds approved centers can offer these tests. The institute’s quality teams assess each center’s capability to deliver the syllabus and provide a secure test environment under their strict exam conditions.


Our target audience for this offer:

  • Universities, Colleges and Training Providers offering English language tests in support of their entrance or exit requirements and or technical and vocational training
  • Employers providing English language, technical and professional training to their employees. 

City & Guilds provides an accredited certificate, a recognized passport of success to learners around the world. A certificate supplement will also be issued detailing the results of the assessment.

  • Security Features
  • No-Copy Protection
  • Silver Seal Stamping
  • Black Light 


All learners will receive a City & Guilds accredited certificate that details language ability and score mapped to the CEFR. The numerical score is based on the Cambridge Assessment English scale, which means direct comparability with the IELTS.


Score CEFR Level Guide
180+ C1 or above Advanced English
160-179 B2 Upper Intermediate
140-159 B1 Intermediate
120-139 A2 Beginner
100-119 A1 Elementary
82-99 Below A1 Basic
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